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AidCall - nurse call system overview

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The Aid Call wireless nurse call system is a radio based system for visually and audibly alerting nursing staff to calls from patients or other members of staff. Because it is radio based, it is extremely easy to install and infinitely expandable to suit different requirements.

Key features of the system include: -

  • User friendly and simple to operate
  • Installed with minimal disruption to residents and staff
  • Wireless system, allows units to be easily relocated
  • Easy and cost effective to extend the system
  • Antimicrobial materials used throughout
  • Easy installation and low maintenance

AidCall - advanced control panel CP5000

detailed design exploded view

The CP5000 is the heart of the Nurse Call System.

It is attractive and ergonomically designed, it looks good in all healthcare environments and its neutral colour is non-intrusive in any location. The 15" TFT flat screen displays more information than any other dedicated Nurse Call unit on the market.

This central hub is primarily used for displaying the call information, patient details, medical notes and optional floor plan/map. The system has five distinct alarm tones built in for call, assist, emergency, reminder and maintenance to make the system user friendly and simply to operate.

Brightworks designed the control panel from the ground up to allow different build options to be produced using the same enclosure parts. The lift-off front panel is designed to simplify installation and routine maintenance.

The new design provided significant user benefits and major cost savings over the previous model.

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