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Hayo'u Method - beauty & body restorers

De-stress Massage Tools

Inspired by Chinese Medicine, Hayo'u is a ground breaking self-treatment method which enables users to master their health. Based upon the largely unknown but hugely beneficial aspect of Chinese medicine, Yang-Sheng, (nurture life), the Hayo'u Method addresses the root cause of most modern day illness - which is inflammation.

The Hayo'u Method deploys one-minute rituals that work to clear inflammation on a daily basis by relaxing the body, enabling free flow of circulation and assisting efficient detoxification. Individually, these simple techniques will have an instant result. Combined and practiced daily, they also offer long term benefit.

medical device prototyping Brightworks developed two primary massage tools: the Beauty Restorer - for facial massage and the Body Restorer - for body massage.

The Beauty Restorer is hand made from a solid piece of natural jade stone. It is specially shaped to increase circulation, to stimulate the dermis, which boosts collagen and elastin, and to relax tense facial muscles for a nourished, plumped and radiant complexion.

The Body Restorer is made from a single piece of hand polished stainless steel. It is specially shaped to increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, which improves circulation, disperses toxins and promotes the enzyme 'HO-1', which is an anti-inflammatory and boosts the immune system.

Brightworks assisted Hayo'u in a number of key areas, including: -

  • Concept design and ideation
  • Design development and product sampling
  • Material selection and Far East supplier sourcing
  • Manufacturing specification
  • Safety testing and regulatory approvals
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