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product design portfolio
Design Portfolio
Brightworks has built up an extensive portfolio of products spanning a wide range of sectors including: medical, healthcare, telecoms and industrial. See our portfolio...

product design awards
Design Awards
Over the years Brightworks has been successful in winning several prestigious design awards. Find out more...

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"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent."

Joe Sparano, 2009

Brightworks product design services

We have successfully helped a select number of clients and companies around the world to develop their ideas and launch them onto the market.

Our range of services has been tailored to allow clients to utilise Brightworks in many different stages of their product development process. Whether starting a project from first concept through to production or just requiring help with a particular problem, our team of designers can help you achieve your goals.

As new product development is very much a multidisciplinary process, project management can be a large part of our service. Brightworks can manage every stage of the product's development, ensuring all project requirements are met within the given timescale.

Please select from the menu above left to navigate through our core services, although this list is not exhaustive. For a full list of services see our about us/services page or for more information please contact us.

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