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affinity breast pump
The Lansinoh Affinity double electric breast pump.


We provide this page to help all users, regardless of physical or other limitations, to be able to use and enjoy our website.

We have tried to carefully design our website to maximise the clarity and ease of use for everyone. The page layout, content, colours used, background contrast, typeface and font size have all been carefully considered to balance aesthetic design and functionality.

Screen Reader Users

We have tried to ensure that every page on our website is easy for screen reader users to use and we have included images that can be "heard" as well as descriptive links.

We have tried to keep our code as simple as possible to maximise compatibility with screen readers including minimal use of forms, tables, pop-up windows and scripting language such as JavaScript and Ajax.

We will always try to let users know if a link will launch in a new window before they click on it and try to provide informative "alt" tags and descriptive links.

Screen Magnifier Users

We have tried to avoid using any text that is embedded withing images as this can become fuzzy or pixelated when using a screen magnifier making it difficult or impossible to read.

We have tried to clearly seperate different sections of each page with background colours or borders to help users to understand when they are moving into a different section of the page.

Limited Mobility Users

We have tried to use a consistent layout on every page of our website for convenience and to keep a logical tab order for keyboard navigation.

We have also tried to minimise the number of steps required to navigate around our website.

Users with Learning Disabilities

At Brightworks we believe that everyone benefits from clearer, simpler language - it is faster to read and there are fewer misunderstandings. However when you write about things you have worked with for years it is easy to overestimate how much others know. We try to be vigilant but jargon and technical language does have a way of creeping in. If you require any further clarification about anything on our website please get in touch using the contact page and we will be happy to try to help.

We have also tried to limit the use of moving images, animation and pop-ups as we understand that these may be distracting and disorientating for some users.

Supported Browsers

Our website has undergone extensive checking and testing on a wide range of operating systems and browsers, however we cannot guarantee that it will always operate as intended on your particular configuration.

We aim to support consistent functionality on the most recent version of the most common browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. Also for mobile users using Android and iPhone devices.

We have intentionally avoided using any Flash animation, so that mobile users experience the same interaction as desktop users.


We realise that, whilst we may not be able to cater for every user, there is always room for improvement, we therefore would welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

If you have problems using our site please let us know so we can do something about it.



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