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2007 Medical Futures Award
Click here to find out more about Glide Pharma and their Medical Futures Award 2007 win.

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Glide Pharma - SDI® injector

Solid Dose Injection Device

The Glide SDI is an innovative, patented drug delivery system for the injection of drugs and vaccines in solid doses form. By allowing the injection of solid formulations, the Glide SDI opens up novel therapeutic formulation and delivery options for new and existing treatments.

The system comprises two main components: -

  • The reusable actuator powered by a mechanical spring
  • The disposable cassette pre-loaded with the drug implant

The active pharmaceutical material (drug implant) is supplied sterile packed in the single-use, disposable, plastic cassette. Just prior to use, the cassette is inserted into the reusable actuator. The spring powered actuator is primed by being pushed against the skin. It then automatically triggers at a preset spring force and delivers the drug implant through the skin into the body.

medical futures award 2007 By being less invasive than traditional injection methods, Glide SDI improves the treatment experience of both patients and carers. The injection process is completed in a fraction of a second and the Glide SDI is simple to use, even at home. Studies have shown that volunteers overwhelmingly prefer the Glide technology to an injection with a standard needle and syringe.

Brightworks assisted Glide Pharma from a very early stage to help develop the device concept and delivery technology, including proof of principle prototypes and the development of sterile packaging solutions for the single-use disposable cassette.

Glide Pharma were winners of the Best Business Award at the 2007 Medical Futures Innovation Awards.

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