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AidCall - nurse call point ATX5000

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The ATX4000 and ATX5000 call points are designed for use in bedrooms, bathrooms or public areas etc. for calls from patients/residents or allowing multiple call types between members of staff.

The ATX devices use a unique two-way radio technology to ensure that all calls are successfully transmitted and received by the display panels; only displaying the call sent message on the ATX screen after an acknowledgment has been received from the control panel.

The unit also displays a 'Next Call Waiting' message to improve staff response time and reducing unnecessary journeys. Overall these new features together with the optional Nurse Presence functionality, allow the system to make significant improvements to overall resource efficiency.

Brightworks designed the ATX enclosure to echo key values of the AidCall brand and to complement the other products in the Nurse Call range.

In designing the ATX a key requirement was a dramatic improvement in infection control. Brightworks designed out gaps in the enclosure, especially around areas of user interaction - which would be difficult to clean and could potentially retain dirt & bacteria. The front panel has novel close fitting silicone button design, which allows it to be wipe clean. Brightworks also specified antimicrobial materials to be used on all enclosure parts further help reduce cross infection and the spread of MRSA.

Brightworks produced a device that is simple and intuitive patients and nursing staff to use and that reliably and clearly communicates the vital information on the display screen. Brightworks also designed the easy to install 'easy-lock' wall bracket; which has an optional 'cradle' for holding the Pear Push lead.

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