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foam ergonomic model
Ergonomic Models
Foam modelling is a technique that Brightworks use to review concepts and ergonomics.

medical device ergonomics
Ergonomic Design
Brightworks' ergonomic design for a nasal spray.

product design quote

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

Steve Jobs, 2003

ergonomics & usability

Product usability is all about how people engage with a product or their environment. This has a close relationship with ergonomics, but leads onto human factors such as anatomy, physiology, and psychology. Brightworks’ team of product designers are experienced in using theoretical data, combined with user product testing data to optimise the usability, efficiency and safety of a product. ergonomic models

Ergonomic design goes further than hand held devices, it effects all products that humans interact with. Brightworks have designed multiple hand held devices that have required detailed ergonomic considerations, but also a number of projects that have needed carefully incorporation of human factors to improve the user interface and user interaction.

Our proven design process ensures that ergonomics and product usability are addressed at an early stage in a products development. We combine anthropometric data and engineering experience to design several ergonomic rigs. These are trialled and evaluated by a representative user group. The results from these tests are analysed and fed back into the design to ensure our products are comfortable, safe and efficient for people to use.

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