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"The only important thing about design is how it relates to people."

Victor Papanek

user understanding

When undertaking any project, we always take special attention to understand the target market and the user. This is a critical phase during the concept generation to make sure that a product is fit-for-purpose and meets all the user's needs.

At Brightworks we have several structured methods to investigate all aspects of our target users. One such method is the use of in-depth product analysis matrixes. These allow us to asses subjects such as similar product competition or product configurations, and evaluate them against certain criteria such as cost, style and functionality. This process highlights the keys areas of the product or market, enabling better user understanding.

electronic product details Another process is creating user trips. This is a basic method of going through the product, the user, how it is used and the environment in which it’s used in. The process ensures that every possible scenario that the product can be used in has been thought about and incorporated into the design of the product. This could be anything from the effect of ambient temperatures in different countries on product performance, to how a child might interact with a product differently to an adult.

Understanding the user would usually be undertaken early on in the product's development, but would continue through its design onto user testing later on.

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