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offender tag
Offender Tags
Click here to find out how Brightworks helped G4S design & develop their offender tag.

fitting tool
The Tag Fitting Tool
How Brightworks designed a tool for the tag to be fitted to the offenders ankle.

jigs & fixtures

At Brightworks we understand the process and complexities of manufacturing various parts. We have designed numerous jigs and fixtures to aid different areas such as assembly process, quality control, sorting and testing. jigs and fixtures

Jigs allow for the parts to be handled correctly, minimise errors, and generally remove some of the difficulties associated with manufacturing. These can sometimes be human factors, e.g making sure components are put together correctly. Or mechanical, forcing machines to handle or hold parts in a particular way. In creating these jigs and fixtures, disruption during the manufacturing process can be kept to a minimum, allowing for reduced production times or increased yield, resulting in a reduced overall cost.

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