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Drug Delivery Device
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A convenient single-shot drug packaging and delivery solution

EMpak is only 95mm tall by 36mm diameter and weighs 85g. Its small size and light weight make it convenient to carry in your handbag, glove compartment, schoolbag or rucksack, or just to keep at home in the medicine cabinet. It may also be taken on-board aircraft in hand luggage.

The bottle, cap and cup are made from rigid HDPE plastic and can easily be recycled together. The pack has been deigned with minimum wall thickness and environmental impact in mind. EMpak uses considerably less packaging compared to a distress purchase of a large bottle of water and a multi-pack of drug.

EMpak is suitable for sale in a wide variety of outlets, where convenience is key, including: pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, filling stations and newsagents via countertop POS boxes or vending machines.

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