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Domestic Power Monitoring System

The Hub is the part of the Wattwave system that collates all the data from the Sensenodes that are attached to a domestic network, through its mains power connection. The Hub, also being connected to the home modem, automatically uploads the data from the Sensenodes to a dedicated website which graphically displays the data in helpful and informative ways with a view to not only aiding users to save energy and money but also to provide information on usage and the ability to control appliances remotely.

The design team at Brightworks produced a range of product concept design ideas for the Hub along with several block models of the main options for discussion with enModus. The preferred design concept was developed using 3D CAD modelling, in close collaboration with enModus' electronic design engineers, to make the printed circuit boards a close fit inside the bespoke enclosure design.

Brightworks worked on the user aspects, to improve the ergonomics and user interaction, and produced a rapid prototype of the final design for client appraisal and market evaluation.

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